jw-2012.4Having acted as support, sounding-board and asker-of-questions for a number of very unique and talented Canadian writers, I hold an enormous respect for those theatre practitioners who create what directors, actors and designers will then interpret.  To me, putting words on an empty page – or computer screen – is the bravest act in our discipline.

I’m proud to have been a driving force behind the premiere of a number of new Canadian plays during my time with Solo Collective Theatre, most notably new plays by Aaron Bushkowsky, Vern Thiessen, Victoria Maxwell, David Mackay, Lucia Frangione, Meah Martin, Natalie Meisner and Alexander Ferguson.

Since moving on from Solo Collective I’ve had the pleasure of working with many playwrights on the development of new scripts, such as Ken Williams’ Café Daughter (Gwaandak Theatre, Whitehorse), Jennifer Bishop’s Wolves (Gordon Tootoosis Nīgānīwin Theatre), and Christopher Cook’s Quick Bright Things (Persephone Theatre).

Currently as Literary Manager at Persephone Theatre I have the opportunity to contribute to the development of both plays and playwrights, in particular through the Playwrights’ Unit (a joint venture of Persephone and the Saskatchewan Playwrights’ Centre).

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